Feed the children

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Feeding Children
in North America

Through our Perks App

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Be part of our program, and win more than what you put in, and where the real winners are the ones we feed together.

Are you ready to be part of something big?

A New Way Of Giving

With our system you will know where your contribution goes and its impact.


You won’t give us money directly, you will purchase directly 30 NON-GMO Organic Meals.


One of the charities we work with will receive your contribution after your purchase.


These charities know better where are those in need, so they will distribute all meals.


Get Tax Receipt

After your contribution, you will receive a tax receipt from the charities you help.

This is the part where you receive.

What makes our system different? After you give, the charity do its work and then you get your tax receipt, so, what is the difference?


First, you get Access to the RTG Mobile App

Save thousands of dollars in products you buy everyday, like food, clothing, entertainment, electronics, travels and even mortgage.


Save as long as you are in the program

Our partners will give you special discount all the time that you are helping us feed the children of our communities through our app.


The satisfaction of giving is priceless

Changin the world will make you happy, knowing that you are part of something great!

Help Others and Receive Rewards!

By giving, you are eligible for big discounts for restuarants, movies, hotels, and more!

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Feeding America
Second Harvest

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Here’s the beauty of our program, for example, if you go to dinner every other week, buy clothes once a month, and travel once a year, you will be saving around $3000 a year with our app.

Take a look to our video to understand how the program works.

How can we offer this great discounts?

We partner with great organizations that benefit themselves from our network.

Who is behind this program?

This program is organized by RTG Group Inc. and works with different charities and organizations in the United States and Canada.

Can you have our app without being part of the program?

No. This program has been created with one purpose in mind, feed the children of America, therefore, you must be part of the program to have acces to our app.

Let’s Get Started

Together we can make the difference in the world

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